I’m upset with my Quixtar son

I wanted him to spend time with the family tonight as his sister is here from SC and will be leaving Wednesday morning. He can’t because he has plans to go to his upline’s cottage.. I told him that his family should be more important than that and that I had asked him to spend less time doing his business stuff while his sister is home. Some words were exchanged. I can’t even recall what he said right before he said ‘and it’s a thought process’. I’m usually very careful of what and how I say things, but I told him that they aren’t his thoughts; it’s what he’s been taught. He said I don’t understand and I said I’ve been trying to. His reply was that I always have a different opinon. That’s when I’m trying to say or ask rebuttal questions to get him to think.
Sometimes I feel a lot of anxiety and am desparate to get him out of this cult. I have to keep my feelings in and walk on eggshells when I talk to him. I have told him that I don’t know what to talk to him about anymore because the only thing he’s interested in is Quixtar. Even my 10 year old grandson told me that ‘Uncle Joe isn’t that much fun anymore’. Sometimes I’m just plain angry about what Quixtar has done
to him.
Thanks for listening.…

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I don’t think you’re mentally weak

I think you’re looking for something but MLM isn’t it. I won’t comment on the plan you outlined except to say that if something looks too good to be true….

Can you pinpoint what it is that ‘success’ in MLM would help you achieve?

MLMs always seem to dangle two things infront of prospects: time and money.

If it’s time – what do you want time for? What would you do if you had free time (remember that involvement with any MLM will gobble up lots of your time – are you using this to hide from doing something more creative?)

If it’s money – what do you need more money for? Could you increase your income in a more reliable way – second job, work for a promotion, change your line of work to something which pays better?

Suggest you check out Steve Hassan’s books on cult mind control – you’ll probably recognise some of the techniques which have been used on you in the past.

If more free time is your big wish because you’re a creative person Julia Cameron’s books – “The Artist’s Way” is the most famous, are an excellent starting point.

MLM can be a kind of addiction and you may need time to work your way out of it. Just refocus on what you really want and remember that MLM can’t get it for you.

And if the MLM has any ‘motivational’ materials especially tapes/CDs to listen to, keep well away from them.

Best wishes…

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Sounds good right?

It does but here is the rub company hasnt opened yet memberes are being asked to sign up auto ship anyway after four times of being delivered debit cards still havent been delivered no corperate headquarters or building(that Iam aware of) pay paln has been changed four times since march enrollment has been a disaster. four time have they told us to redo or up date our dowlines so while trhe deadlines come and go or the promises never kept members are still being told to buy the products.
Am I sore? You bet Is this a good company?
Dont know it just seem to be a lot of incopentncy up top You know this one I thought was the real deal with the rules being changed. or maybe My mental weakness just wanted to belive…

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My experiance with mlms began back in the eighties

up to the present Like most people I never made anything but belived the message that they always seemed to say (networking is the most efficent forms of marketing ever)and when ever I walked away would aways say never again In retrospect maybe there is a mental weakness I have to keep coming back .
But to make a long story very short the one reason I writing this is to bring you upto date on a new concept they are using. There are many different ways to borrow money online i.e. company Biogenxglobal was introduced to me back in marchof this year
It was promised they were different from the others in that the
1. start up cost were low
2. would have at the top of the pyramid thousands of (leaders) who had commited to bringing their dowlines with them and that when anyone signed up the computer would automatically bring their dowline under one and therfore with three enrolled at lets say each on a 68.95 auto ship order the enrolle would be paid 1590.00 a month
3. enroll 18 on a 68.95 autoship order one would be paid over eleven millon a month thats right over eleven millon a month
4. no one had to sell just enroll family members even your spouse on the auto ship order…

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Just to clarify, I said that “selling cigarettes” was legal..

it is a legal product just as someone pointed out MLMs were. Should they be legal is another question and should advertising them be legal is also another question.

OH well, then if its just a mode of marketing then all is well. NOT. Chuck, I was a bit suspicious when you arrived with all your “credentials” on your sleeve. I’m wondering which MLMs you are involved with….you know, the good ones. A quick google on your email address shows that you are working a program that provides a “useful product” where you simply send folks to a website and there’s “no selling involved”. Is this what you recommed to all your clients?

MLMs are not just a mode of marketing. They are a business model. An unethical, faulty one in my eyes (and I’d hazard to guess that quite a few here feel the same given the premise of this blog). Is it possible to make a dime doing them? Certainly, but at what cost? My ethics and a vast amount of money/time? Not saying that hard work ever scared me…heck I was bringing in $60k by the time I was 24 working in the real business world (we’re talking 70 hour weeks). So while there may very well be greed at the top of the MLMs, as a whole, the entire business model is the problem. Not just a few bad apples.…

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For all practical purposes

cigarette advertising is illegal in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Most cigarette advertising is illegal in the United Kingdom.

TV and radio advertising of cigarettes has been illegal in the United States since 1971.

Print advertising is legal in most states. A voluntary industry agreement discourages print advertising of cigarattes being included in copies of magazines destined for educational institutions.

For various reasons, many publications won’t accept tobacco advertising. (One small monthly had an editorial wondering about whether or not to accept tobacco advertising. The amount that the tobacco company offered to pay for the add covered the cost of printing the entire publication. It literally would have meant the difference between a marginal financial picture and a very profitable financial picture.)

Worldwide, the majority of cigarette advertising is sponsoring events — concerts, sports competitions, cultural activities, etc.…

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MLM is merely a mode of marketing

It’s a mode of marketing that has been greatly abused by those driven by greed. There a some (a few businesses using MLM to market their product which are not necessarily bad. When a MLM starts to use media marketing that’s a first sign that the MLM mode is not working. Personally I would (and do) get more upset with seeing these Girls Gone Bad advertising than I do with seeing a MLM program advertising on TV.…

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