I think you’re looking for something but MLM isn’t it. I won’t comment on the plan you outlined except to say that if something looks too good to be true….

Can you pinpoint what it is that ‘success’ in MLM would help you achieve?

MLMs always seem to dangle two things infront of prospects: time and money.

If it’s time – what do you want time for? What would you do if you had free time (remember that involvement with any MLM will gobble up lots of your time – are you using this to hide from doing something more creative?)

If it’s money – what do you need more money for? Could you increase your income in a more reliable way – second job, work for a promotion, change your line of work to something which pays better?

Suggest you check out Steve Hassan’s books on cult mind control – you’ll probably recognise some of the techniques which have been used on you in the past.

If more free time is your big wish because you’re a creative person Julia Cameron’s books – “The Artist’s Way” is the most famous, are an excellent starting point.

MLM can be a kind of addiction and you may need time to work your way out of it. Just refocus on what you really want and remember that MLM can’t get it for you.

And if the MLM has any ‘motivational’ materials especially tapes/CDs to listen to, keep well away from them.

Best wishes