I wanted him to spend time with the family tonight as his sister is here from SC and will be leaving Wednesday morning. He can’t because he has plans to go to his upline’s cottage.. I told him that his family should be more important than that and that I had asked him to spend less time doing his business stuff while his sister is home. Some words were exchanged. I can’t even recall what he said right before he said ‘and it’s a thought process’. I’m usually very careful of what and how I say things, but I told him that they aren’t his thoughts; it’s what he’s been taught. He said I don’t understand and I said I’ve been trying to. His reply was that I always have a different opinon. That’s when I’m trying to say or ask rebuttal questions to get him to think.
Sometimes I feel a lot of anxiety and am desparate to get him out of this cult. I have to keep my feelings in and walk on eggshells when I talk to him. I have told him that I don’t know what to talk to him about anymore because the only thing he’s interested in is Quixtar. Even my 10 year old grandson told me that ‘Uncle Joe isn’t that much fun anymore’. Sometimes I’m just plain angry about what Quixtar has done
to him.
Thanks for listening.