I know exactly what you are saying and I know my parents must have felt exactly the same for many years. My wife and I were caught up in the amway/amo cult-like indoctrination for 16 years. We pursued “the business” at the exclusion of almost everything else in our lives. We missed many family events and contantly put the business/system at the top of our priorities. I know you can only see where you son is at now but please be assured that I believe every “ibo” has an inner voice that is constantly questioning things even if that person may not even be aware of it. The system is very good at putting up smoke screens and “creating noise” to drown out that inner voice but over time questions really do remain unanswered and in time they pile one on top of the other. Eventually there is a tipping point where the person starts to realize that things they have believed for sometimes many years may not actually be true. Your message tells me that you deeply love your son and that you will have raised him to have a reliable inner voice. Right now the system has the upper hand but, if you continue to love him and when the chance arises ask questions that may help him start to seek legitimate truthful answers for you, as opposed to what his upline and the system is telling him, I am confident that you will eventually have him back. That will be a great day and I will be praying that it comes for you sooner rather than later.