it is a legal product just as someone pointed out MLMs were. Should they be legal is another question and should advertising them be legal is also another question.

OH well, then if its just a mode of marketing then all is well. NOT. Chuck, I was a bit suspicious when you arrived with all your “credentials” on your sleeve. I’m wondering which MLMs you are involved with….you know, the good ones. A quick google on your email address shows that you are working a program that provides a “useful product” where you simply send folks to a website and there’s “no selling involved”. Is this what you recommed to all your clients?

MLMs are not just a mode of marketing. They are a business model. An unethical, faulty one in my eyes (and I’d hazard to guess that quite a few here feel the same given the premise of this blog). Is it possible to make a dime doing them? Certainly, but at what cost? My ethics and a vast amount of money/time? Not saying that hard work ever scared me…heck I was bringing in $60k by the time I was 24 working in the real business world (we’re talking 70 hour weeks). So while there may very well be greed at the top of the MLMs, as a whole, the entire business model is the problem. Not just a few bad apples.