up to the present Like most people I never made anything but belived the message that they always seemed to say (networking is the most efficent forms of marketing ever)and when ever I walked away would aways say never again In retrospect maybe there is a mental weakness I have to keep coming back .
But to make a long story very short the one reason I writing this is to bring you upto date on a new concept they are using. There are many different ways to borrow money online i.e. company Biogenxglobal was introduced to me back in marchof this year
It was promised they were different from the others in that the
1. start up cost were low
2. would have at the top of the pyramid thousands of (leaders) who had commited to bringing their dowlines with them and that when anyone signed up the computer would automatically bring their dowline under one and therfore with three enrolled at lets say each on a 68.95 auto ship order the enrolle would be paid 1590.00 a month
3. enroll 18 on a 68.95 autoship order one would be paid over eleven millon a month thats right over eleven millon a month
4. no one had to sell just enroll family members even your spouse on the auto ship order