What is the name of this goofy MLM that works? I am sure that either myself or someone else in this Blog will prove you wrong. As PW says lets see the proof. Post your tax papers.
What is this product that is so great? If it is so great have I ever heard of it? Probably not because I can find the same product for a lot less, unless it is a fuel saver. If it is when did Honda, VW, GM, the great Chrysler (I am a Chrysler fan) or any other car company jump into MLM? You guys stink. I may consider joining a MLM (or is it an MLM) once Coke or Pepsi gets into one. Well just Coke, I am not a Pepsi fan. Plus Brugal rum goes better with Coke, but I digress. Your MLM is no different then any other, PERIOD.