And that is much the reason

I am so determined to kill the Best Buy monster before Christmas ($2300 to go). BB once harassed us on the phone for a bill they claimed we hadn’t paid on time, killed our online payments, and this was before we could pay at the store, wanted $15 to accept an “additional” $106 payment because they claimed we hadn’t paid on time. Problem was we had. I’d made certain it was after the statement shut off date from the previous month’s statement, by one week, paid it online for the current month and had a confirmation #, the money had even cleared our bank. Yet they killed my online payment and tried to charge us a late fee, although the bill was paid over 2 weeks early. We were traveling to make ends meet at that time so it was a real hassle sitting in a campground eating beans and rice and fighting with them over all the fees they were trying to charge me for a bill I had PAID!

I finally got far enough up the food chain that they finally decided to verify my confirmation # (I always keep a pdf of my online payments) and then all the sudden they were oh so sweet and nice and wanted to work with me etc. I got the fee back, they did NOT get the extra payment they were demanding and I decided right then that when it was their turn on the snowball they were GONE at the speed of lightening! It was really hard to not jump them up earlier in the line because of how angry I was with them and they were also my highest interest rate. But we’ve stuck to the pay off schedule. They’ve been the pet bill since July and we’ve knocked off nearly $1,000 a month off of it. I am seriously looking forward to the day it is GONE forever.…

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I agree!

My car loan payment is obnoxious…and it’s unfortunately not our next snowball, but at least when we took it out, we did a 4 year instead of the 6 or 7 year they offer now.

Our loan is through a credit union, and they have a 14 day grace period , but if you even 1 day late, you can no longer pay online! Which may not be an issue, except their site is constantly down for maintenance or problems. Their representatives say, well, you’ll just have to come in to a credit union location.

I guess it all lights fires under us to try to do something about things!…

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Yet another reason not to get a car loan..

Car loan statement generates around the 23rd of each month. Due by the 20th of the following month. 10 days grace without a late fee; days 11-30 $25 late fee but not reported to credit reporting co’s, days 31+ can be reported.

We are at Day 33, finally collected enough $ with the odds and ends job to make the car payment.

Went to go make the payment online. Now that a new statement has generated my account shows (correctly) the past due payment, and the current payment.

Which is enough at Hells Fargo, to CLOSE MY ABILITY TO MAKE A PAYMENT ONLINE. My only choice (their words) is “to call and make a payment over the phone. Yes there’s a fee.”

I’m like….do you get paid EXTRA to lie, and does that even make sense? Why would you make it HARDER for people to get money to you?

Answer: Well, it’s IMPORTANT that you CALL US so we can find out what’s going on. That’s why we shut it off if you go past 30 days.

I’m like, really? That’s funny, because when I CALLED YOU last month to try and work something out, you told me to jump off a cliff.

I said, so you’re saying my only option is to make a payment over the phone? I can’t send you a check?

She goes, well, yeah, you can send a check, but it’s better to make a payment over the phone. I’m like, unless you’re going to waive the “payment fee”, no thanks. I’ll send a check.

I cannot wait to pay these people off and NEVER GET ANOTHER CAR LOAN THE REST OF MY LIFE.…

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